Palermo, wedding for the Palermo La Gumina wedding photos

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Orange blossom for Nino La Gumina who yesterday afternoon married Daisy in the Sicilian capital.
This is the second marriage involving a Palermo player.
Five days ago he got married Luca Fiordilino.

The wedding ceremony took place at the Basilica of the Holy Trinity of the Chancellor in the presence of friends, relatives and colleagues.
Also present was his friend Luca Fiordilino.
The reception, in the evening, was at Villa Igiea, also in the presence of teammates in recent years.
Luca Fiordilino was with his wife Catia Macchiarella.

Antonino La Gumina played last season in Como, on loan from Sampdoria, and now it seems to be back on the market.
On him, at the moment, there would be the interest of Bari and Turin.


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