Palermo Waste Management: Rap Places 850 New Bins

New waste bins are being installed in Palermo, starting from Corso Calatafimi. The President of Rap, Giuseppe Todaro, stated that while waiting to expand door-to-door collection, the focus is on improving collection services in all neighborhoods, starting with the bins. Each bin costs around 800 euros and will be installed along the road from Piazza Indipendenza to Rocca, near Via Maddalena. The bins have a capacity of 1,700 liters and this is the first stage of Rap’s plan to renew bins in the historic center. In some cases, smaller 1,100-liter bins will be used. The company also plans to renew bins in the area of Via Oreto Nuova, starting with those near schools. Any old bins that are still usable will be maintained and relocated elsewhere. Additionally, a competition is ongoing to bring in 3,000 new paper bins, adding to the 7,000 currently in the city.

Rifiuti a Palermo, la Rap colloca 850 nuovi cassonetti

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