Palermo waste: Cisal attacks Cisl over double shifts

The announcement by the Cisl regarding the suspension of double waste collection shifts in Palermo, including Sunday shifts, has divided the union. The Cisal is against it, while the Cgil welcomes the decision with an explicit “Finally…”. The Cisal representatives argue that stopping the double shifts will slow down waste collection and increase the trash on the streets. They believe this will negatively impact the company’s image and undermine the efforts of the employees. On the other hand, the Cgil supports the decision and calls for a common table to address the company’s issues. They express their frustration with the lack of progress and the need for swift resolution of key problems.

Rifiuti a Palermo, basta coi doppi turni di raccolta? La Cisal attacca la Cisl: «Penalizzati i dipendenti»

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