Palermo, war on squatters: the cooperative of fruit and vegetable market operators is born

On the proposal of the municipal councilor for Productive Activities Giuliano Forzinetti, the junta led by the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla approved the establishment of the “General market operators Palermo cooperative society”.

«With the establishment of the cooperative, the municipal administration has responded to the need to frame and regularize the relationships of punctuality and mutual trust with those commercial operators and concessionaires. Furthermore, the birth of the cooperative – underlined the mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla and the councilor for Productive Activities Giuliano Forzinetti – also represents a tool for dealing with illegal practices within the fruit and vegetable market and preventing external parties from interfering negatively with the activities within the space in via Montepellegrino. This type of fundamental service, which employs over 200 workers within the market, has not been regularized for at least 20 years, we have defused a potential social bomb, achieving an historic result».

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