Palermo, volunteers gather around Biagio Conte: “We are in silence and prayer”

There is a people of volunteers who pray for Biagio Conte. There is a city anxious about the founder of the Mission hope and charity of Palermowhose conditions are increasingly serious. The lay missionary, who turned 59 in September, has been ill with colon cancer for several months.

His room in the Mission of via Archirafi it looks more like the room of a hospital ward and around it the volunteers keep watch who make their prayers and their warmth felt. Biagio Conte would also have lost consciousness, although nothing is leaked from the Mission about his conditions.

“For the moment we are in silence and prayer and let us meditate everything in our hearts like Mary”. This is the only signal that comes from the structure in via Archirafi. Words of evident concern but which also hide a thread of hope. After the visits of the archbishop of Palermo Corrado Lorefice and the cardinal emeritus Paolo Romeo, the doors of the center that has always welcomed the poor, have remained closed, closed to collect all the silence and prayers of those who have followed Biagio Conte on his journey for years.

In recent months it was the missionary himself who announced his illness and he did so by asking to pray for him. His last message came just before Christmas, when he asked for help in paying the gas and electricity bills that had risen in the poor communities he managed.

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