Palermo, victim of group violence: “You are leading me to death”

A 19-year-old rape victim in Palermo expresses her exhaustion and frustration, stating that she can no longer fight for herself or others. She responds to accusations on Instagram that she consented to the rape by saying that continuing to defend herself feels pointless. She also mentions that if she manages to end her life, she will keep those who wanted to help her in her heart. The victim had previously spoken out against those attacking her on social media, expressing her tiredness and frustration. The Italian Data Protection Authority has initiated an investigation into the sites that spread the victim’s personal information and warns that such actions violate privacy laws and can lead to legal consequences. The Authority urges media outlets and anyone involved in public discussions of the case to refrain from further sharing the victim’s personal details and to communicate in a way that respects her dignity. Despite this plea, the victim’s identity is widely known on social media, with thousands of comments showing solidarity towards her.

Palermo, la vittima della violenza di gruppo: «Mi state portando alla morte»

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