Palermo-Venice, negative record of tickets sold

Yesterday’s home defeat against Venice will probably go down in championship history as the team’s dullest performance in front of their supporters. But the match against the lagoon workers, they hope in viale del Fante, will probably also be the one in whichrecord the negative record in terms of tickets soldin addition of course to the subscriber fee.

Certainly the weather conditions, predicted to be abundantly negative, have had an important impact in convincing people to stay at home and watch the game on television. Just as certainly the classification and the defeat in Cosenza may have influenced the desire of the Rosanero supporters to challenge the bad weather and go to Barbera.

The fact is that against Venice in addition to the share of 11,465 subscribers only another 3,496 fans went to the box office to buy tickets for a single match. If we analyze the data from the month of October until today, it is the lowest point reached this year in the entire Serie B championship. 5261 tickets were sold with Sudtirol, with Pisa 4636, with Cittadella 6564, with Parma 4255 and finally with the Venice 3496.

Surely the team’s results will influence the desire to support the team although an almost paradoxical figure is observed with the Cittadella which represents, in these two months taken into consideration, the highest moment, i.e. it indicates the highest number of tickets sold in a period in which which the team came from the defeats of Frosinone, with Sudtirol, of Terni and from the disappointing draw with Pisa. Football mysteries.

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