Palermo, Umberto high school rejects minute of silence for Giulia: “We won’t be silenced, for her only noise”

This morning, on Tuesday, November 21st, the students of the Umberto I High School in Palermo interrupted classes to shout their anger against gender violence in memory of Giulia Cecchettin. They protested against the Minister of Education’s decision to have a minute of silence instead of openly discussing gender violence in schools. The students believe that schools should become a place to combat gender violence through education on relationships, consent, and sexuality. They refuse to be silenced and want to make noise for Giulia and all the other victims of gender violence. They see the silence as a sign of the patriarchy and believe that it legitimizes male dominance and violence against women. They vow to continue making noise and standing up for themselves and other women.

Palermo, al liceo Umberto no al minuto di silenzio per Giulia: «Non potete zittirci, per lei solo rumore»

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