Palermo. Two women under investigation for extortion and embezzlement against the state

No.Today morning, the Carabinieri of the Labor Protection Command – Labor Inspectorate Unit of Catania, following the outcome of an investigation coordinated by the Caltagirone Public Prosecutor’s Office, are executing a personal and real precautionary measure, issued by the local GIP, to charged to two women from Palagonia, under investigation for extortion and embezzlement against the state.

In particular, the two ladies, responsible for a social cooperative operating as an equal school, would have forced two employees to accept a lower wage than that indicated on the pay slip and, subsequently, to return the lower sum received, upon threat of dismissal.

The two employees, in an evident state of need, in order not to lose their job and, consequently, the score for the rankings for teaching, would have returned a total of 12,500 euros to the suspects, appropriating state contributions for peer schools in relation the amounts paid only fictitiously.

One of the suspects was subjected to the personal precautionary measures of residence obligation in the municipality of residence and obligation of daily presentation to the judicial police; moreover, the Carabinieri of the NIL of Catania are proceeding with the preventive seizure by equivalent of his movable and immovable property, until the sum unduly received by the two victims is covered.

07 April 2021 | 11:35