Palermo, two men armed with cutters attack two supermarkets in half an hour

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Two men aboard a large scooter robbed two supermarkets within half an hour in Palermo.

With their faces covered by a mask and armed with a cutter, they first attacked the Marotta market in Corso Tukory.
They entered from the entrance in via Cesare Battisti.
They threatened an employee and got a few hundred euros delivered and then fled.
About half an hour later two men broke into the Paghi poco supermarket in Viale Amedeo d’Aosta, in the Sperone area.

Here again, two robbers, with their faces covered by masks, managed to intimidate an employee by forcing him to empty the cash register and hand over about 500 euros to them.
The carabinieri investigate both episodes.
Two men aboard a large scooter had also attempted two robberies against two supermarkets a few days ago.
They had been put on the run by employees.
Eventually, they managed to rob a third business.

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