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Palermo, tree fallen on the tombs of the Rotoli cemetery – PHOTO

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Still inconveniences at the cemetery of the Rotoli in Palermo.
Yesterday morning the relatives of the deceased found a fallen tree on the graves.
“In recent days some danger signs had appeared, warning about possible landslides – explains the lawyer Rosamaria Salemi – but what happened the other night, certainly thanks to the wind, is the result of lack of maintenance of the places for years”.

From stacked corpses to collapses: the emergency never ends at the Rolls.

The previous

Salemi recalls an episode as a sign of neglect: “In July 2021 a part of the cornice of a noble burial fell on a bench, destroying it.
Since then only a tape has been affixed to prevent access, despite my complaints nothing has been done.
Now family members will pay the bitterest price for this perennial neglect ”.

Given the precedents, the lawyer brings up the responsibilities of the municipal administration and wonders if “years will pass to restore the places affected by the fallen tree and if, as happened yesterday, access by car will be prevented even for the disabled”.

Lega: “Terrible spectacle”

Other photos on the situation at the Rotoli came from the leader of the Lega group to the Municipality of Palermo, Igor Gelarda: “After the days of closure due to the storm that caused about twenty trees to fall and many other damages, the cemetery of the Rotoli reopened but the spectacle presented to visitors is terrible ”, say Gelarda and Giuliana Sgroi, head of the Lega’s Family department in Palermo.
“In addition to the hundreds of unburied coffins, uprooted trees, damaged tombs, some even open due to fallen trees – they add -.
Not much can be done against the fury of the wind but it is also true that for decades no more checks and pruning of trees have been carried out inside the cemetery.
Situation similar to that which already exists in the city “.