Palermo towards the red zone, the League: “It must be agreed with Rome”

«The context in which it is maturing the new red zone for Palermo is unprecedented even with respect to the 13 months of suffering and the fight against the pandemic that we have all already faced. Because we are talking about a community of over a million people in the metropolitan area of ​​which a substantial portion is at the end of the line. Sealing hundreds of thousands of Palermo people once again and for another weeks now on the threshold of psychological and emotional depression and economic and financial disaster is not a decision that can only be taken on the basis of algorithms ». This was stated by the regional secretary of the League, Nino Minardo, who adds.

“Certainly if the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths continues to grow sanitary countermeasures are necessary but, this time, they must be accompanied by extraordinary measures. I have neither heard nor seen any trace of this necessary extraordinary nature; in the last few hours we have only witnessed a kind of cautious blame game that doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all the people of Palermo. A tough decision with unpredictable social consequences such as imposing more weeks in the red zone in Palermo today it must also be agreed with the national government and all the institutions must fade the potentially devastating reactions for the most troubled Palermitans ».

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