Palermo, torchlight procession to Brancaccio to remember Father Pino Puglisi


Hundreds of citizens participate in the torchlight procession organized by the Padrenostro Center, founded by don Pino Puglisi, the monk killed by the mafia on September 15, 1993, to remember the priest on the eve of the anniversary of his death. The procession crosses the streets of the Brancaccio district where, on the orders of the Graviano bosses, Father Puglisi was assassinated. The priest was proclaimed Blessed in 2013. The prefect of Palermo, members of the Order's Forces, mayor Leoluca Orlando, magistrate Roberto Tartaglia, former PM of the Palermo dda, now a consultant to the Anti-Mafia Commission, are among the participants.
"Puglisi was a priest with a smile capable of bringing hope back to Brancaccio, in the neighborhood of the Graviano bosses and Gaspare Spatuzza. Exactly like Don Peppe Diana in Casal di Principe. A Church that fights fear and bears witness to the dignity of the person ". Senator Nicola Morra, president of the Antimafia commission, said this, recalling …

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