Palermo toddler hospitalized after touching live wire: Investigation into possible illegal connection

A three-year-old girl in the Zen neighborhood of Palermo accidentally touched an electrical wire and received a shock. She was taken to the pediatric emergency room at Villa Sofia hospital where doctors determined that there were no serious consequences. The girl was playing barefoot on Constante Girardengo street when the incident occurred. Her mother quickly intervened and managed to remove her from the electrical wire. Police officers from the San Lorenzo department responded and identified the wire, requesting assistance from the local utility company, AMG, to conduct further investigations. It was discovered that the wire did not belong to the lighting system and authorities are currently conducting investigations to determine if it was an illegal connection between the buildings in the Zen neighborhood.

Palermo, allo Zen bimba di tre anni tocca un filo elettrico: è ricoverata in ospedale, indagini per accertare se sia un allaccio abusivo

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