Palermo, 'There is none coviddi': but the virus also reaches Angela Chianello's home

The post on Instagram. “I invite you to vaccinate”

In the first wave of Covid she had been one of the first deniers of the pandemic with her famous “there is no coviddi” shouted into the Canale 5 cameras on the beach in Mondello. A catchphrase that has accompanied the Italians for months even with a lot of songs and videos made without respecting the rules on distancing. Now even in the home of Angela Chianello, known as Angela da Mondello, the virus has entered.

The post on Instagram

“This damn has come to us too”, wrote the woman on the Instagram profile who counts 120 thousand followers. The father, who is asymptomatic and at home, is positive. Many have written to her “it’s okay” and “it’s a pity it’s not you”. The reply of the woman who wanted to become a VIP was not long in coming. “In spite of everything, evil always comes out of your mouth. We are all vaccinated, but Covid has also come to our homes. Now I tell you let’s get vaccinated – he writes -. Everyone is free to think as they want because it is right to respect our ideas. But I tell you only one thing: put a rosary in your hands and pray instead of being so bad. For some, Covid has made their wickedness worse “.

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