Palermo, there is a new serial thief: shots in the area between the Politeama and the Massimo

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Investigations by the state police on a woman who has carried out several thefts in the shops of the center of Palermo.

After the arrest of the “cell phone thief” another young woman is creating problems for the traders who are located in Via Ruggero Settimo, in the pedestrian area between the Politeama and Massimo theaters.
Tezenis, Alcott, H &; M, Ovs, Parfois and the Feltrinelli bookstore, but the list could be longer.
The woman pretends to be a customer and in the last ten days she has allegedly committed various thefts.
The traders filed several complaints.
In a single day she would have stolen from the bookshop in Via Cavour and from an underwear store.

So the theft nightmare returns for traders.
Previously, the red-haired thief had raided the shops, accused of 27 hits between April last year and February last year.
The agents of the police stations Zisa, Oreto and Libertà have arrested her in recent days thanks to the conspicuous tattoo on her hand.
During her interrogation assisted by the lawyer Salvatore Ferrante, she admitted her responsibilities.
The 27-year-old confessed to being addicted to drugs, to having already been followed by the specialists of the ASP Drug Addiction Service and to having tried her, without being able to detoxify.
You told the judge you wanted to try again.
Now she is looking for the therapeutic community to embark on the path of detoxification.

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