Palermo, the witness of justice Angelo Niceta on hunger strike

The case of justice witness Angelo Niceta, who has been on hunger strike for weeks, arrives in Parliament. M5S deputy Stefania Ascari presented a question to the Chamber for a written answer to the ministers of the Interior and Justice in which it was underlined that Nicetas, a merchant belonging to a well-known family of entrepreneurs from Palermo, “starting from 2017 was included with his family, in the special program of protection measures reserved for witnesses of justice, after having issued statements to the Prosecutor on the relations between some members of his family and members of organized crime”.

«As it turns out – he continues -, the program was approved well after the deadline and only in May 2019; this circumstance meant that the Niceta family was forced to live in a secret location but without a protection program and in undignified conditions».

A service in the Palermo edition of the Giornale di Sicilia on newsstands today

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