Palermo, the video from the Hope and Charity Mission: silence and prayers for Biagio Conte

Biagio Conte he is lying on his bed, he is serene, surrounded by the affection of the brothers who pray and sing in his room. From his window, in the rare moments when he is conscious, he sees the garden, the same one in which he often prayed in front of a statue of the Madonna. Last Sunday, they tell from Mission hope and charity which he founded and where over the years he has welcomed many people in difficulty, he was taken to the church in the center and gathered in prayer. Now he is more fragile, he needs rest and assistance. Palermo is anxious about him.

In the Mission hope and charity, as can be seen from the video. in these hours silence reigns despite the comings and goings of brothers and faithful who would like to be close to Biagio Conte. Archbishop Corrado Lorefice will also return to visit him on Friday.

We pray and hope in the little house of the astanteria, even if we are aware that the conditions of brother Biagio are seriously compromised. For days he has been drinking and eating little, his liver is no longer working well and his skin is a little yellow. In the hands woolen gloves that leave the fingers that wrap around a rosary uncovered, on the bedside table sacred images. Brother Pino is close by, but from afar many who love and are grateful to him are close to him with their prayers.

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