Palermo, the Tar suspends the decision of the Municipality and saves the New Year at the Kalhesa

New Year’s Eve in the Kalhesa restaurant in Palermo is safe. A few hours before New Year’s Eve, the Municipality of Palermo, with a decision notified yesterday, had ordered the immediate closure of the Kalhesa venue for 7 days, due to alleged violations of current legislation on noise emissions and also contesting the performance of some evenings dancing without a license.
The company Tobida srl, which manages the venue, deeming the provision unjust which risked ruining the New Year’s celebrations for over 300 people, assisted by the lawyers Giovanni Puntarello and Luciana Maria Russo, turned to the Palermo Tar by presenting an urgent appeal . The president of the Palermo Tar Salvatore Veneziano accepted the suspension, considering the reasons of particular urgency to be well founded.

«Considering, however, that the requested “case of exceptional gravity and urgency” exists – reads the president’s provision – with reference to the planned activities of administering food and drink relating to the now imminent New Year’s Eve, and that the executive decision does not contain any indication of the specific dates on which to carry out the ordered closure, this can be remedied by ordering the suspension of the censored managerial decision for the time necessary for the lodging of the appeal and the ritual precautionary request, without prejudice to strict compliance with the authorizations with which the appellant is provided and with all the regulations, disciplines and limits set for the authorized activities that will be carried out”.

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