Palermo. The State Police arrest a Palermitan for the crimes of threats and persecutory acts

L a State Police arrested a 39 year old from Palermo, made responsible for the crime of persecutory acts and aggravated threats.

Agents of the State Police, belonging to the General Prevention and Public Aid Office, last weekend, at the disposal of the local Operations Room, yes went to via dei Materassai where a woman, on the emergency line 112, reported the presence of a man who, in order to attack her, tried to access his home.

The policemen arrived abruptly on the spot, they noticed a man with a sturdy build intent, in front of the door of the condominium where the victim lives, to utter threats of death at the address of the woman.

The agents proceeded to identify the subject, noting, in the circumstance, the presence of a strong vinous breath. The man, not very cooperative, would have argued the hostility towards the woman, blaming her for having promised him a future life together, and then retracing his steps by not keeping the commitment made.

At the same time, agents of another crew contacted the victim who, in a state of strong agitation, reported that in the night just passed the man had visited her home several times, threatening her with death and persistently ringing her intercom to be opened. .

Furthermore, the man was not new to such behavior, and for this reason the victim had reported him several times in the past.

The 39 year old from Palermo, arrested because he was held responsible for the crimes of aggravated threats and persecutory acts, pending the validation hearing, was taken to the local prison ” Lorusso “by Pagliarelli.

It should be noted that the current arrested person is currently suspected of the alleged crimes and that his position will be final only after the issuance of a possible sentence which has become final, in compliance with the constitutional principle of the presumption of innocence.

01 December 2021 | 12: 01

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