Palermo, the “Spazio Capaci” project is born for the reconquest of urban spaces

by Dorotea Rizzo

Now, the project of an art that interprets the symbolic urban spaces of Palermo has a name and is called Spazi CapaciComunity Capaci. This is a social design project curated by Alessandro de Lisi and produced by the Falcone Foundation and the Ministry of Education for the 29th anniversary of the Capaci massacre in which judge Giovanni Falcone, his wife Francesca Morvillo and the agents of the buffer stock.

The idea is to recapture the spaces and return to relive them through the works, in an experimental project of “memory 4.0” We start from places in Palermo, symbol of the fight against the mafia, making a journey across the country, on a long journey three years with a goal in the year 2023 which marks the 30th anniversary of the massacres in Florence, Rome and Milan. The project, supported by private individuals and First Social Life, will be inaugurated on May 23, the anniversary of the Capaci massacre, with the presence of the education minister Patrizio Bianchi and the highest authorities of the state. The “construction sites” of the works will be carried out outdoors, respecting all anti-covid regulations and will start on April 25th. There will be four works that will kick off the initiative: The door of the Giants by Andrea Buglisi, two large portraits on the wall, one by Giovanni Falcone on the facade of a building in via Duca della Verdura and the other by Paolo Borsellino, all two are located a few meters from the Aula Bunker where the maxi trial took place, in the Ucciardone prison.

A statue will rise, instead, under the Falcone tree: Peter Demetz’s “waiting”. A young woman represents a city waiting for justice. An installation by Velasco Vitali will be set up in the courtyard of the Bunker hall, the title is “Branco”. Fifty-four life-sized dogs represent the mafia’s abuse of society, the hunger for criminal power. In Brancaccio, a peripheral space that had been owned by the clans for years, art takes over Piazza Anita Garibaldi. Where there is the house museum dedicated to Don Pino Puglisi, a priest killed by the mafia, Igor Scalisi Palminteri will be the author of a monumental urban polyptych “Roveto Ardente”, which portrays the priest. The project will involve students from different schools, because the fight against the Mafia cannot ignore culture. Maria Falcone, president of the Giovanni Falcone Foundation and sister of the killed judge explains: “Aware that culture is crucial for the renewal of the spirit of peoples, we asked some Italian artists to contribute to the creation of a special program of urban interventions, in the symbolic places of civil redemption against the mafias “.

After all, “the mafia is not fought with a gun but with culture” as a famous phrase by Felicia Impastato, Peppino’s mother, who finds everyone in agreement in the realization of a production project for the city, directly on the street with the works by artists and the involvement of school groups.

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