Palermo, the presidents of the council commissions elected: all as expected

Everything as expected. The council commissions took office and elected their presidents. Green disc also for Antonio Rini. The exponent of the Brothers of Italy has obtained is the new president of the second Urban Planning Commission, despite the controversy on the eve. With the opposition that had raised a question of expediency on his role since his wife has a top position in the youth section of the builders’ association. Some tension on the left where Carmelo Miceli contested the choice of appointing Ugo Forello of + Europa as vice president. “Nobody told me about the agreement and I asked the party for clarification.”

On this postponement Mariangela Di Gangi, elected with Progetto Palermo complains that we are facing «a bad sign. I can only appeal to the sense of responsibility of the majority forces and the Democratic Party, which is the first opposition force, so that this impasse is immediately released and work in the interest of the citizens is not sacrificed on the altar of the electoral campaign ”.

So two presidencies go to Brothers of Italy, with Fabrizio Ferrara to the first, Budget, e Antonio Rini to the second, Urban Planning. Two other presidencies go to Forza Italia with Ottavio Zaccothe most voted among the candidates of the last elections, e Pasquale Terrani respectively to the sixth commission, Productive Activities, and to the seventh, Personnel. At the third commission, Affiliated Companies, the chairman is Alessandro Anello by Prima L’Italia Lega. At the fourth, Social Solidarity, Except Imperial of the Christian Democrats. At the fifth, Public Education, Except Alottaelected on the Lagalla List.

The vice-presidents, all strictly from the opposition, are Ugo Forello in the first, Franco Miceli in the second, Massimiliano Giaconia in the third, Antonino Randazzo in the fourth, Giuseppe Miceli in the fifth, Giuseppe Lupo in the sixth and Fabio Giambrone in the seventh.

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