Palermo, the police find a one-year-old child: the disappearance reported by the Social Services

In Palermo the police find a one year old child, the mayor Roberto Lagalla writes to thank. «Today I delivered – he says – a letter of commendation from the entire municipal administration to four agents of the state police, the deputy commissioner Giuseppe Ambrogio, the deputy inspector Vito Soldato and the assistant chiefs Giusto Scianna and Michele Di Giovanni. To them – continues Lagalla – I expressed my heartfelt appreciation for the commitment and promptness shown in the important investigative and operational activity that made it possible to find a minor of just one year in a serious state of injury, whose disappearance had been reported by the Social Services of the Municipality of Palermo in the month of July which has just ended. I am therefore pleased, in recognition of the commendable human and professional skills demonstrated in the occasion, to express the significant consideration of this administration, and my personal one, for their work, an example and a source of pride for the entire citizenry and for the police force of state”.

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