Palermo, the poignant farewell to Fabrizio Manno: he was the first king of influencers

A last farewell that has turned into a celebration full of affection, memories and nostalgia, of the good times that were, but above all it has become a story of a life lived surrounded by affections and friends. Those same friends, many, who yesterday in the church of Sant’Eugenio Papa attended the funeral of Fabrizio Manno, 57, the motorcyclist who died a week after a terrible road accident in Viale Regione Siciliana, at the height of Leroy Merlin. He didn’t want to miss anyone, despite the heat, the holidays, the holidays: they were all there to remember Fabrizio. He was an entrepreneur who in the 80s and 90s had been a great protagonist of the then city nightlife. If you saw a bandana, a pair of sunglasses (worn even at night), it was him. A true influencer, when you didn’t even know what he was, an influencer.

For this Fabrizio, who was a water entrepreneur who supplied water to private companies, together with his brother Salvo (with his family he had owned the Acquabaida brand), had in a certain sense crossed the generations. The friends of a lifetime remember him as an extremely sociable and dynamic person, with a great passion for sport and for motorcycles, but yesterday in church there were also many young people who had had something to do with him and who remember a vital and extremely generous man. His greatest passion, however, was her daughter, Cristina, who greeted him with a touching speech in the church, recalling the character of her father: a warrior, a “hard horns”, as the girl said. . An exemplary and loving father, friends say, who in tears have also thought about grilling all together, with Fabrizio who was cooking meat for hours, always with the inevitable bandana and shirtless. “It was impossible to go into a bar when he was there and pay, he was very generous,” recalls a friend.

On the day of the accident he had left his villa in Punta Raisi to go to work in Baida. The fact took everyone by surprise, especially because Fabrizio was a skilled motorcyclist: a crash on which there are still ongoing investigations, which will have to shed light on the tragedy. A personal friend of the unfortunate entrepreneur, Patrizia Di Dio, national vice president of Confcommercio-Imprese and president of Confcommercio in the city, also remembers this in a post on Facebook: «Hello Fabrizio. We shared years of friendship, carefree and youthful euphoria, we shared travels with our daughters and family life, together with my friend Sabrina for many years always together – she writes -. We could not expect such a painful tear and certainly Cristina could not expect it, from whom life has taken a father that she adored and from whom she was adored above all things. Farewell, warrior! The memory of a person we loved will remain, with a warrior’s bark that hid the sweetness and generosity of the real Fabrizio. Pain and anger for this end. Hi Fabri, may the earth be light to you ».

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