Palermo, the new tram lines: more time for companies that have to move the plants

The municipal council chaired by Roberto Lagalla unanimously approved a resolution, proposed by the councilor for sustainable mobility Maurizio Carta and by the councilor for productive activities Giuliano Forzinetti which contains a policy act which «solves some problems related to the construction of the new lines of the tram and makes it possible to launch the tender for the executive design and the consequent construction of the sections that will make the tram more sustainable and efficient», states a note from the Municipality.

“First of all – continues the note – the problem repeatedly reported by the operators of commercial activities and by the managers of fuel plants located along the future routes of being able to stay until when the works really have to start not being forced to remove the structures with excessive advance compared to the concrete need to have free areas. In recent years, the delays accrued by the project would have already forced the economic operators to move their activities unnecessarily since the works had not started. And even now the complexity of the project and the need to find new resources for completion suggest that we can facilitate production activities as long as possible».

The policy act, also in connection with what was discussed in the council commissions, allows, in fact, a temporary authorization for the maintenance of the structures with a commitment to their immediate removal when the works have to start, guaranteed by a surety that allows the costs to be paid of a possible replacement intervention by the Municipality.

A second problem whose solution has been set concerns the possible cost and responsibility of charging the Municipality’s investee companies for moving the subnets. The resolution, reiterating that the cost, as indicated by case law, is borne by the managing entities, highlights that the law provides that the sub-networks are located more than one meter from the road surface while the positioning of the tram tracks requires an excavation of no more than 70cm. The guidance document therefore allows for the tender to be called for sections C, B and A (with the provisions already approved previously) and to follow up on the necessary completion and efficiency improvement of the tramway network.

“This act – says Lagalla – once again demonstrates the administrative accuracy of this junta which is putting important projects for the benefit of the city back on the correct procedural path, eliminating all those critical issues that sometimes make large works an unbearable cost for citizens and firms before producing the benefits. Administrative certainty, economic sustainability and speed of intervention are the figures of the good governance of my administration which will allow the necessary major works to be completed, reducing inconvenience and indirect costs to the maximum”.

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