Palermo, the mystery of the disappearance of Mariarosa D’Angelo: searches in vain

The search for the 65-year-old woman from Palermo, Mariarosa D’Angelo, who disappeared from her home at dawn on December 23, continued throughout the day in the Montepellegrino area and has not been heard from since. Firefighters and search teams combed the area from dawn until dusk. At the moment no trace has been found. The search will resume tomorrow.

The woman’s bag had been found in front of the Touring bar in Mondello. An appeal was launched by his nephew, Simone Federico, who asked to intensify the search for the discovery of his aunt. And he had also done it on social media after having filed a complaint with the carabinieri. «We ask everyone to pass this post on – he wrote – we are afraid that she has disappeared into the sea in Mondello. We ask the coast guard to intervene. And he closes the post, writing “If you don’t look for her en masse, no one will find her”. Even on the social group “Together for Mondello”, appeal posts follow one another to look for the woman.

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