Palermo, the murderer of the Zisa is constituted

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The alleged murderer of Giuseppe Incontrera, the 45-year-old killed on 30 June in via Imperatrice Costanza alla Zisa with three shots from a .22 caliber pistol, was presented to the carabinieri.
He would be a criminal offender for drug offenses.
The man in this case is under interrogation in the barracks of the provincial command of the carabinieri.
From what we learn the man, who fired with his face uncovered, he was framed several times by surveillance cameras in the area.
He chased the victim who was on a bicycle on a scooter without a helmet.
Incontrera died shortly after arriving in the emergency room at the Civic.

Palermo, gunshots after a fight: one dead.
An investigation into the world of drugs by Salvo Palazzolo, Francesco Patanè 30 June 2022 The alleged murderer, after realizing that he was framed and recognized this morning, presented himself to the carabinieri of the Falde dell’Acquasanta station the district where he almost certainly lives.
What framed him was the decision to go back after firing the third shot at Incontrera.
In fact, until then, the camera had filmed him from behind while on a scooter he was chasing the victim.
Once killed, however, he reversed and the electronic eye immortalized his face.
Murder of Zisa, drug dispute in the kingdom of the Lo Presti bosses by Salvo Palazzolo 01 July 2022 Reading the news of the video that framed the killer, he felt hunted and this morning he decided to spontaneously show up in the barracks.
Now he will have to tell the reasons for the deadly ambush to the magistrates of the DDA.
Victim and murderer both have a history of drugs and it is likely that the murder was due to drug dealing issues.
Near the end of the interrogation, the deputy prosecutor of the Dda Palo Guido and his substitutes will evaluate whether to issue the arrest order.
Palermo, the indictment of the parish priest of Danisinni: “There are too many drugs, that murder was predictable” by Salvo Palazzolo 02 July 2022

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