Palermo, the Municipality does not pay the first bill: cremations in Calabria are blocked

An invoice not yet paid would be at the center of a dispute between the Municipality of Palermo and the company “Urcioli Cremazioni srl” of Carpanzano. Between yesterday and today, according to what was stated in recent days by the offices of the Cemetary Services, 20 bodies should have left for free cremation in Calabria at the moment only available for the coffins in custody by August, the cost of which is borne by the municipal administration .

Palermo, the shock projection of the Municipality: in June more than 2 thousand coffins in storage

by Sara Scarafia

A commitment made by Mayor Leoluca Orlando last July to deal with the cemetery emergency linked to the lack of niches and pits in the “bare earth” – there are 717 coffins in storage – and to meet the families of the dead still without a burial. But the “expedition” seems not to have started yet, since the company in charge of carrying out the cremations, the “Urcioli srl in fact, has not yet received the payment for the cost of the service carried out two months ago (about 800 euros each cremation). A hitch that risks delaying the cremation requests made in recent weeks.

No agreement between the Municipality and the Sant’Orsola cemetery for the purchase of 1000 niches

by Arianna Rotolo

“The commitment and the money are there – cut short Ferdinando Ania, manager of the Cemeteries Service of the Municipality of Palermo – I am sure it is a misunderstanding. I have not followed the story personally, but as a matter of practice, public administrations can never pay for a service in advance. As for the balance of the previous invoice, we will speed up the times “. Nothing quaestio, therefore, at least for the Municipality of Palermo. From Palazzo Barone they assure that the departure of ten coffins is scheduled for Thursday, and for the following day, the remaining ten. “The determination for the first payment is ready”. – they ensure.

Palermo, cemeteries emergency: two orders from Orlando, including the one already rejected by the city council

by Tullio Filippone