Palermo, the man who blew up the supermarket checkout does not speak. Accomplice hunt

The investigating judge of Palermo validated the arrest and ordered the precautionary custody measure in prison for Fabio Fresilli, 48, stopped by the carabinieri after the coup at the Penny Market, when a commando went into action to take away the supermarket safe. Fresilli, a native of Marino, a municipality in the metropolitan city of Rome, but resident in Pomezia, during the interrogation before the investigating judge, accompanied by the lawyer Fausta Catalano, made use of the right not to answer. In the next few days, the lawyer will file an appeal with the Review Court against the pre-trial detention order.

At least two of them on the morning of December 27 detonated gas cylinders in the supermarket in via Sciuti. A huge roar woke the residents of the building in the middle of the night. When the carabinieri arrived at the scene, Fresilli and another man were already fleeing at the wheel of a Fiat 500. The chase began through the streets of the city. The thief was arrested after an accident in Viale Lazio. It’s an accomplice hunt. The loot was still on board their car: around 18,000 euros in cash.

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