Palermo, the imam of the Grand Chancellor’s mosque in hospital by Biagio Conte

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«Brother Biagio is still hospitalized and continues to ask for prayer.
A cycle of therapies will begin on Monday “: the Hope and Charity Mission of Palermo announced this, adding that Biagio Conte” thanks those who are praying for him in this period.
Thanks also to the few who, with the necessary authorizations and as representatives, went to visit him in the hospital like the bishop of Palermo, Monsignor Corrado Lorefice, Cardinal Romeo and the new mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla ».

Again from the Palermo Hope and Charity Mission, they say that “in recent days a thought of gratitude goes in particular to the Muslim community of Palermo which last Friday gathered in prayer for Brother Biagio and for all the sick.
The community then went to visit Brother Biagio through the imam of the mosque of the Grand Chancellor of Palermo, Bedri El Maddeni.
It was a meeting of intense humanity and brotherhood that heartened Brother Biagio so much that, for this very reason, he was so keen to give public thanks ».


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