Palermo, the homage to Falcone and Borsellino opens the Opera Festival of stone theaters

The monumental Church of San Domenico, pantheon of illustrious men of Sicily, will be the setting for the inauguration of the special edition for the Metropolitan City of Palermo of the “Il Risveglio” Opera Festival of Stone Theaters, promoted by the Sicilian Opera Choir, which is preparing to realize the first of ten event evenings on December 1st, at 21, with the innovative contemporary opera “FALCONE E BORSELLINO, OVVERO IL WALL DEI MARTYRI”, celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the death of the two great characters.

In 2022, 30 years have passed since the disappearance of the two judges who dedicated their lives to the fight against the mafia; it is no coincidence that it was decided to open the event in a place that is a symbol of legality and memory, which preserves the remains of judge Giovanni Falcone

The tragic events that shocked not only Palermo and Sicily but the whole of Italy have remained indelible in everyone’s heart and mind. “Falcone and Borsellino, or the wall of martyrs”, is a work of strong civil commitment due to the courage of two authors who belong to the same land as the two magistrates: Antonio Fortunato, the composer, and Gaspare Miraglia, the librettist.

The opera takes place on the day of the anniversary of the assassination attempt on the magistrate Giovanni Falcone. Just when discouragement seems to have unexpectedly taken hold of everything and everyone, an assembly of citizens (exponents of civil society), tired of suffering in silence the outrage of “cosa nostra”, which by now also affects individual existence, comes in large numbers.
The intent of this popular meeting, as well as to dutifully pay homage to the two heroes, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, and to the thousands of victims slaughtered by the mafia, is, even if not above all, to reawaken the collective execration, against the world of organized crime which, more and more openly, intends to assert its ferocious rules of violence and oppression.
The pleas of the community are poignant and heartfelt, so that the two judges, ideally, come back to the supplicant citizens to tell their tragedy.

In the end, at least through poetry and music, the indignation of the honest manages to vanquish the terrible monster that is no longer tolerable in a civil and democratic society, and it is hoped that the resulting catharsis will be welcomed by civil society.

The single act will see the Calabrian Philharmonic Orchestra and the Sicilian Lyrical Choir lined up, under the authoritative baton of Giuliano Betta. The cast includes, for the musical part, the participation of Clara Polito (the mother of all the victims of the mafia), Francesco Verna (the father) and Riccardo Bosco (Mafia, incarnation of evil), while for the acting part Alessandro Idonea and Bruno Torrisi (who will give voice, respectively, to Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino).
The Sicilian Lyric Choir will interpret the sentiments of the Palermo civil society and will be instructed, as usual, by its permanent teacher, Francesco Costa, while the participation of the “Note Colorate” Children’s Choir is also expected, directed by Giovanni Mundo, who will impersonate the souls of children killed by the mafia.

Furthermore, for the gala event, the unpublished work of the Palermo painter Filippo Lo Iacono, a well-known artist with an international career, will be presented.

The festival, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Metropolitan City of Palermo, with the authoritative partnership of RAI Sicilia, which did not want to miss its precious and attentive contribution, can count on prestigious sponsorships: the European Parliament, the President of the Senate of the Republic, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Superior Council of the Judiciary, the Ministry of Culture, the Sicilian Region, the Pontificium Consilium de Cultura, Enit, the Italian Confederation of Archaeologists, the Verona Foundation for the Arena.

The busy calendar includes events from 1 to 10 December next, which will take place both in more delicate neighborhoods and areas of the city and in areas that have connotations of particular historical, artistic and monumental value, for a work of cultural decentralization: Sperone, Borgo Nuovo, Brancaccio, Zisa will be transformed, for one night, into the stages of great theaters.

An extraordinary inauguration for the 2022 Festival, which combines beauty, art, and, through the opening event evening, also civil commitment and dutiful remembrance, establishing itself as the musical and artistic season of reference in the south, giving beauty and harmony and “awakening” with the power of great music.

Upcoming events:

– December 2 in Sperone in the Church of Maria SS. delle Grazie and on 8 December in Brancaccio in the Church of San Gaetano a musical journey among the most famous pages of the rich and beloved repertoire of twentieth-century Italian music: from Tosti to De Curtis, from Leoncavallo to Bixio;

– celebration of the 100th anniversary of Giovanni Verga’s death on 3 December in the Addolorata Church of Aspra (Bagheria) with Cavalleria Rusticana by Pietro Mascagni;

– operatic recitals on December 5th in Borgo Nuovo in the Church of Santa Cristina and on December 10th in the Church of Sant’Antonio in Bagheria with excerpts from “La Traviata”, “La Boheme”, “Rigoletto”, “Tosca”, “Madama Butterfly ”;

– lyric recital of romances, serenades, traditional Sicilian mornings taken from “Eco della Sicilia” by Francesco Paolo Frontini on December 4 in the Church of Sant’Antonio in Bagheria;

– “Bellini Opera Gala” on December 7 in the Church of SS. Trinity in Palermo;

– performance of the Archi Ensemble, on December 6th at the Church of Santo Stefano Protomartire in Palermo and on December 9th in the Church of San Domenico in Bagheria.

All events will be free to enter until seats are filled.

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