Palermo, the Council approves the 2021 report: the instability is now further away

The Palermo City Council has approved the report for 2021. For the mayor Roberto Lagalla “the approval without votes against is a further important step for an administration that is emerging from a tunnel of over 20 months of provisional management”. “Now, we expect another decisive step for the future of the Municipality – he adds – or the approval in the classroom of the 2022/2024 forecast budget which will allow us to finally be able to manage the institution on the basis of adequate programmatic and accounting tools, in view of the agreement with the State which represents one of the cornerstones around which to further define the complex process of recovery of the municipal budget. An agreement awaiting formal sharing and forthcoming signing.

According to the deputy mayor Carolina Varchi “it marks a new step forward in an intense and so far fully respected road map”. «After the go-ahead for the 2022/2024 budget, the administration is proceeding at a rapid pace for the redefinition of the pact with the State and the preparation of the 2023/2025 budget – he says – The 2021 report and the budget 22/ 24 represent the handover between the old and new administration. We will inaugurate a new season in the relationship between the Municipality and its investee companies which will be marked by effective and penetrating control both from an economic point of view to break down the phenomenon of misalignments, and from a management point of view with continuous monitoring of the strategic objectives that the new administration will assign to the new governance of the investee companies”.

«Today the City Council approved the 2021 report by a majority, which replaces the 2021 budget. Once again the opposition has favored the interests of the city, with a constructive but intransigent attitude. Important managerial problems remain such as the low collection capacity, the continuous recourse to treasury advances and above all the misalignments with the investee companies. For this reason, with regard to the last critical issue, the Council unanimously approved our amendment, with which the mayor, the council and the competent offices undertake to adopt the necessary measures in order to remedy by 31/12 /2022 the misalignments with investee companies, not yet reconciled. Furthermore, the amendment commits the administration to act in the shareholders’ meeting of investee companies, on the occasion of the approval of the final balance sheets of the same, in coherence and correspondence with the economic-financial documents of the entity, in order to guarantee the sustainability and financial safeguarding of investee companies and the GUP (Single Public Group). This was stated by the councilors of the opposition groups: Action-More Europe-Oso, Movimento 5 Stelle, Democratic Party and Progetto Palermo

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