Palermo, the consolidated budget approved by 2022: satisfaction of the majority parties

«The approval of the 2021 consolidated financial statements by 31 December establishes the definitive return to accounting and administrative normality of the Municipality of Palermo, a very important result for the future of the city. We express great satisfaction with this approval also because it was linked to the stabilization of 54 social workers and the rescue of important contributions from the national government. Thanks to the administration, to the offices and to the political forces present in the Council for their great sense of responsibility and duty”. The group leaders of the majority parties in the Municipality of Palermo say so, Gianluca Inzerillo (Forza Italia), Giuseppe Milazzo (Brothers of Italy), Dario Chinnici (Let’s work for Palermo), Domenico Bonanno (Christian Democracy), Alessandro Anello (Lega).

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