Palermo, the CGIL: hiring 2,500 municipal employees full time

The dispute concerns 2. 380 part-time employees and 130 ex Lsu

PALERMO – “The rebalancing plan to straighten the accounts of the Municipality is fine but we ask that it go in the right direction and not to the detriment, with the increase in taxes and tariffs for services, of citizens and workers of the institution, forced to forced part-time, which makes them poor while working, and with negative repercussions on the quality and quantity of services. for some time, the transformation into full time relationships “.

The secretary of the CGIL Palermo Mario Ridulfo and the secretary of the FP CGil Palermo Giovanni Cammuca ask about the dispute concerning 2. 380 part-time workers of the Municipality of Palermo, plus 130 ex Lsu. “A dispute that takes precedence because workers with part-time and permanent contracts now represent more than half of the 5 thousand municipal employees. The rebalancing plan – continue Ridulfo and Cammuca – must take into account the services to be provided to citizens, the numerous retirements in recent years (380 only in 2021) and cannot ignore the increase in hours for part-time staff if you want to provide efficient public services in line with citizens’ requests “.

In the meantime, the Municipality has started the procedures for the recruitment of 60 full-time and fixed-term personnel and has hired with funds from the PNRR 19 officials. “The new hires are welcome but as a matter of priority it was necessary to transform the similar professional skills already existing within the institution from part time to full time – add Lillo Sanfratello, secretary of local authorities for the Fp Cgil Palermo and Luigi D’Antona, coordinator of part-time workers -time for the Fp Cgil Palermo – It cannot also be forgotten that within the municipal administration there are also specific professionals, with minor categories, such as A and B, made up largely of graduates, who perform higher duties. It is not acceptable that the rebalancing plan, for these two categories, provides for the passage to 30 hours in social. By 2023, the full-time transformation of categories C and D is foreseen. In this way, inequalities between workers coming from the same are nourished hip bone”.

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