Palermo, the carabinieri at the service of women against violence

Listening and assistance centers. The Provincial Command lights up orange on the International Day against Gender Violence

PALERMO – A network for women to collect reports, offer assistance and avoid the worst. Also in Palermo works a group made up of officers, marshals and brigadiers of the carabinieri specialized in combating gender-based violence.

The barracks in piazza Verdi, seat of the provincial command of Palermo, lights up orange for the “International day against violence against women”.

Only this year he faced two cases of femicide: that of Roberta Siragusa, the 17 year old killed in Caccamo the night between 23 and on 24 January and that of Piera Napoli, murdered with numerous stab wounds by her husband on February 7 in Palermo as well as hundreds of requests for help.

The carabinieri trained at the Velletri Higher Institute of Investigative Techniques. They can count on the persecutory acts section within the criminological analysis department of the scientific investigations group of Rome.

In Palermo there is an ‘Anti-violence Network’ made up of 1 soldier for each station in the city of Palermo and 1 or 2 soldiers for each company outside the city, selected in various degrees for particular personal and professional aptitudes.

These are operators who have distinguished themselves for a more marked sensitivity in the very delicate matter. The ‘Network’ of the Carabinieri, in collaboration with the Soroptimist International of Italy, has at its disposal protected environments, as part of the “A room of its own”, rooms created for listening to the victims which are located at the Command provincial carabinieri of Palermo, at the station of Palermo Oreto and the company of Cefalù. Another dedicated ‘room’ was created in the barracks of the Monreale company.

Today the Arma dei Carabinieri will light up the barracks with the dedicated ‘rooms’ in orange, joining the “Orange the World” project, as a tangible sign of great attention to the phenomenon. Women victims of violence must be encouraged and followed in the process of reporting.

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