Palermo, the ancient image of Santa Caterina stolen in 2004 has been returned

It was returned to the diocese of Palermo, today in the late afternoon, the ancient image of Saint Catherine, stolen in 2004 from the Opera Pia Pignatelli Gulí institute.

Major Giampaolo Brasili, commander of the Carabinieri nucleus for the protection of the cultural heritage of Naples, handed the clipping to Don Giuseppe Bucaro, director of the office for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage in Palermo, who commented on the event as follows:

“It is a particularly exciting moment, both because the painting returns to the diocese, but also because I am personally attached to this work. We hope it will be the beginning of a path that will lead to finding many other works that have been stolen over the years” .

It is in Naples that the clipping was found, thanks to the investigative activity coordinated by the prosecutor of the Campania capital, which conducted investigations on some purchases and sales of works with uncovered credit titles. “We thus found goods attributable to 12 different thefts inside the home of a trader”, said Major Brasili.

“The value of the image of Saint Catherine”, he then adds, “is more devotional than economic”, but its discovery is important: “we must underline”, concludes Brasili, “that it is a cut-out of the largest painting, done to make the correlation between the seized work and the work to be found difficult “.

Virginia Cataldi’s video.

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