Palermo, the accountant Antonio Lo Mauro returns to freedom

He can resume his professional activity, but stop for 9 months as a judicial administrator

PALERMO – The accountant Antonio Lo Mauro returns to freedom. The Review Court accepted the request of the lawyers Massimo Motisi and Cinzia Calafiore. House arrest revoked and a nine-month ban from judicial administrator posts applied.

According to the judges, there is no danger of evidential pollution. “The original provision of the judge of the preliminary investigations – explain the lawyers – only inhibited the office of judicial administrator and assistant, ruling nothing on the possibility of carrying out managerial offices of companies and for this reason Mauro had considered he could continue to carry out this activity “.

Lo Mauro resigned from all positions as judicial administrator as soon as he came under investigation. Last December 3 he was back under house arrest. An aggravation of the precautionary measure because, despite the resignation, he would have given accounting instructions and authorized the payment of suppliers as part of a procedure.

According to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the financiers of the Economic and Financial Police Unit, Lo Mauro would have forced a tax consultant, hired as an external professional in the management of some quarries, to deliver him five thousand euros in cash and pay off a debt of another six thousand euros in favor of a colleague of hers. “Black money, but no extortion”, the accountant defended himself.

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