Palermo the 205th anniversary of the foundation of the Penitentiary Police is celebrated

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Yesterday, July 7, the 205th anniversary of the foundation of the Penitentiary Police was celebrated in Sicily.

The ceremony, which was held at the “Antonio Lo Russo” Pagliarelli Penitentiary Institute in Palermo, and saw the presence of the highest regional institutional officials and the Corps, being a party that involved all the institutes and services of the island.

During the ceremony, the peculiarities and identity of a Corps were celebrated which, with 37,157 personnel, ensures the custody, observation and treatment of 54,771 detainees and interned in 189 prisons for adults, in 17 institutions for minors and in other structures, as already highlighted by Minister Marta Cartabia during the national ceremony held in Rome at the Giovanni Falcone Training School in via Di Brava, last 28 June.
The Regional Party of the Penitentiary Police returns in the presence, strongly desired by the Superintendent of the Regional Administration Dr.
Cinzia Calandrino who was welcomed by the Director of the Pagliarelli Institute “Antonio LORUSSO” Dr.
Maria Luisa Malato and by the Commander of the Deputy Executive Department Giuseppe Rizzo, as well as by an array of staff formed by the staff of the departments of the institutes for adults and minors, the translation and guarding units, the regional superintendent, the training school of Catania and various specializations including, the dog service, airport , shooting instructors, motorcyclists and the Regional Investigative Unit from all over Sicily.

During the feast, after the reading of the messages of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia and the Head of the Penitentiary Administration Department Carlo Renobbio, the honors were awarded to those staff who distinguished themselves for commendable interventions in being on and off duty.


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