Palermo Terna and University collaborate for energy transition master’s program

The second edition of the master’s degree “Digitalization of the electrical system for the energy transition” promoted by Terna in collaboration with the Universities of Palermo, Cagliari, and Salerno has been inaugurated at the Steri. The Tyrrhenian Lab project involves a total investment of 100 million euros from 2022 to 2026. The aim is to establish a center of excellence in training in the three cities where the Tyrrhenian Link cables will arrive, the submarine power line of Terna that will connect Campania, Sicily, and Sardinia. This will promote the integration of energy flows from renewable sources. Terna’s president, Igor De Biasio, highlighted the company’s role in guiding the energy transition through targeted investments in infrastructure and the development of excellent skills. Terna’s CEO, Giuseppina Di Foggia, emphasized the importance of highly specialized and transversal skills for the company to achieve the challenging energy transition goals. The number of applications for the program has significantly increased, with about 300 applications received compared to 170 in the first edition.

A Palermo Terna e Università insieme per un master sulla transizione energetica

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