Palermo, Telefono Amico recruiting new volunteers: “Requirements? Listening and trusting others”

The Palermo section of Telefono Amico has launched a free course to train new volunteers and increase the team of thirty already in service. The volunteers are ready to listen to those in need of comfort, and the selection process for new candidates begins on November 20th. The training courses will last about five months, and by mid-April, the volunteers will be ready to join the existing team. The center receives around 1800 calls per day, with the majority coming from men aged 46-55 and most women contacting the service via Whatsapp. There has also been an increase in calls about suicide. The role of a Telefono Amico volunteer is to engage in anonymous, intimate contact with callers and provide support. No specific qualifications or experience are required, but the desire to undergo a training program focused on listening and communication skills is essential.

Palermo, Telefono Amico recluta nuovi volontari: «I requisiti? Sapere ascoltare e avere fiducia negli altri»

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