Palermo teen’s extreme gesture and bullying hypothesis: “Do not underestimate warning signs”

Isolation, silence, and lack of desire to socialize are warning signs of the distress and darkness that can have dramatic consequences for teenagers. Giuseppe Pirrone, president of Telefono Amico in Palermo, daily offers help to those in need. Among those seeking help are young people like Gabriele, a middle school student who took his own life, possibly due to bullying about his sexual orientation. The goal is to sensitize adolescents so they know they are not alone and that their distress can be shared and addressed. Telefono Amico’s S.O.S Giovani service is particularly effective as it uses messaging apps to encourage young people to open up. Prevention should be a priority in tackling bullying, with the need for support services in schools and encouraging teenagers to speak out and seek help to prevent further tragedies.

Il gesto estremo del tredicenne a Palermo e l’ipotesi bullismo: «Non sottovalutare i segnali d’allarme»

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