Palermo surpasses last season’s subscriptions with 11,603 cards signed

There are currently 11,603 subscribers for the current season. Palermo will not be alone, not even this year. Surpassing last season’s numbers, when there were 11,465 loyal fans. There has been a slight increase, and perhaps the victory against Reggiana can wake up some disappointed fans after the draw (11 against 9) against Bari on the first matchday. There is not yet a cohesive game, but the team is strong and many players can decide a match on their own. If Corini can train the team’s solidity (in all departments), then big dreams can be made. Meanwhile, tomorrow Palermo will make their debut at the Barbera stadium, against FeralpiSalò, with high morale and facing a team that has 0 points due to defeats against Parma, Sudtirol, and Ascoli. A good crowd is expected at the Barbera stadium, ready to welcome their favorite players. Many known and new players were presented to the fans at the Rosanero In Fest, which took place last night with chants and banners for the players. Corini was also present and he spoke important words to his fans: “We need you, I try to make it clear in every way, we all know where we want to go. 20 years ago, I didn’t know what to expect, but then I understood and you received me very well. I feel the responsibility as a coach, but I am ready.” Passion, warmth, commitment. Three ingredients that the Palermo coach wants to see starting tomorrow when they face a motivated team thirsty for points.

Palermo, superati gli abbonamenti della scorsa stagione: sono 11.603 le tessere sottoscritte

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