Palermo students twin with Belgium and France: “Students and teachers learn to grow”.

This article discusses a project that allows students and teachers from the comprehensive institute Sferracavallo-Onorato in Palermo, Italy, directed by principal Cinzia Rizzo, to interact with other young people and educators from schools in other European countries. For seven years, the Erasmus project, co-financed by the European Union, has provided students in the second and third years of middle school with the opportunity to engage with peers from France, Portugal, and Sweden. During their two-week stay, the students participated in school lessons and also had the chance to explore the local area. They engaged in activities focused on well-being, sports, the Mediterranean diet, and sustainable eating. The article also highlights experiences such as visiting a biscuit factory and a pastry shop in Castelbuono. Additionally, the foreign students tried kickboxing at the Kilroy Academy and took part in themed cooking workshops. The article mentions that the Italian students will have the opportunity to travel to France and Belgium in the future as part of the project. The Erasmus experience is described as enriching and emotionally rewarding for everyone involved, including students, teachers, and families. The article emphasizes the personal, cultural, and linguistic growth that comes from studying abroad, along with the development of skills that contribute to becoming a European citizen through the exchange of knowledge, professionalism, and experiences.

Palermo, per gli studenti di Sferracavallo gemellaggio con Belgio e Francia: «Così ragazzi e prof imparano a crescere»

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