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Palermo, students burst into the rectorate of the VIDEO University

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Salaries and services are at the center of the dispute.

PALERMO – “Increase in salaries and poor services”: these are the reasons which gave rise to the protest of some students of the Autonomous Student Laboratory of theUniversity of Palermo.
This morning, in fact, some boys broke into the interior of Chiaramonte Palace in Piazza Marina to show their disagreement with the provision approved on 10 March.

Megaphone, banner and a smoke bomb to try to get answers from the Rectorate of Unipa.
This is what the students are asking, a public response from Massimo Midirithe rector of the university of the Sicilian capital elected in July 2021.
The white cloth displayed inside Palazzo Chiaramonte reads: “For you salary increases, for us poor taxes and services”.

Students who broke in (photo from the LSA Facebook page)

Through a post published through its Facebook page, the Autonomous Student Laboratory stated: “In the last few days there has been yet another indecent slap in the face of us university students.
On 10 March, the increase in the salaries of Unipa administrative staff was approved.
In a university with the highest rates of eligible non-recipients of scholarships and housing, where the services for the right to study are almost non-existent, where the structures in which we are forced to study are dilapidated and inadequate, not to mention the residences university buildings, buildings that are in total decay and neglect, the new management plans to dramatically increase salaries.
The Rector owes explanations to the entire student community, we came to disturb him in his building.