Palermo struggling in playoffs due to defensive issues: adjustments needed

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The article discusses the current situation of Palermo’s football team, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming two-week break to regroup and the remaining eight matches in the season to salvage their chances of making it to the playoffs. The recent defeat against Venezia was a turning point, highlighting the team’s defensive flaws and the need for improvement. Coach Corini has the support of the City Group despite the setback, but he and the players must work together to address their issues and make a strong comeback. The article stresses the significance of tightening up their defense for a better chance in the playoffs and avoiding a potential relegation playoff. The team needs to find their rhythm again and finish the season strong to ensure their success and show respect to their loyal fans.

Il punto sul Palermo: così è dura anche ai play-off, occorre correggere la fase difensiva

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