Palermo, strict controls on Vucciria: “Balordi” pub closed.

The “Balordi” pub in Vucciria, Palermo, was seized by the municipal police for operating without authorization. This action came after a police operation in the historic center, known for its wild and unregulated nightlife. The pub was fined 5,000 euros for serving food and beverages without a permit, 3,000 euros for lacking a health permit, and 1,000 euros for the owner’s lack of a food handling certificate. The pub was also forcibly closed and sealed for operating without any necessary licenses or taxes. This operation was part of a larger effort by various law enforcement agencies to maintain order and public safety in the area. Further inspections and crackdowns on illegal commercial activities are expected in the coming days.

Palermo, raffica di controlli alla Vucciria: chiuso il pub «Balordi»

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