Palermo, stones and bar hits against buses and trams: it’s a hunt for vandals

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Three new damages to buses and trams in Palermo. A young man without a ticket yesterday was made to get off the tram near Piazza Scaffa.
The passenger got out but then took a bar and damaged a window.

Police officers intervened to block and identify the young man.
After the investigations, the boy, a 26-year-old Nigerian, was denounced for interruption of public service, aggravated damage and carrying objects capable of offending.
The carabinieri intervened in corso dei Mille after a phone call from a tram driver who had just been hit with some stones by a group of children.
The patrols intervened reaching the San Giovanni dei Lebbrosi stop.
The images of some cameras installed in the area are being examined.

The police investigate another stone-throwing of the previous day which took place in via Ernesto Basile, in the old parking lot which has long since been transformed into a bus terminal.
Also on this occasion, an Amat vehicle became the target of a baby gang made up of 5-6 children.

The young vandals, taking advantage of the stop of a vehicle on the 104 line, collected stones and bottles from the ground and then threw them at the car.
The driver called 112 asking for the intervention of the police who started the investigation and acquired the videos taken by some surveillance systems.

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