Palermo stands firm: double tokens for Circoscrizioni.

The eighty district councilors will continue to receive the attendance fee, which was increased a few weeks ago from 600 to 1200 euros per month. The secretary general of the Municipality, Raimondo Liotta, believes that the value of the attendance fees should also increase for neighborhood councilors, not just municipal councilors, according to new laws. This position was taken after the opinion of the local government department was released in response to a request from the secretary and the mayor of Messina. They believe that the law does not provide any automatism to conclude that the increases also extend to neighborhood councilors. This news has caused unrest in the administration. A meeting was held yesterday with Liotta and the department heads. It was decided that nothing will be changed for now, as the increases in the mayor and councilors’ allowances have a cascading effect on the district council presidents and councilors as a percentage of the base calculation.

Palermo, nessun passo indietro: alle Circoscrizioni gettoni doppi

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