Palermo, Stancanelli: “The center-right will remain united”

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The MEP from Strasbourg comments on the Sicilian facts.

STRASBOURG – “The center-right will remain united in the end”.
MEP Raffaele Stancanelli grinds kilometers between the rooms of the European Parliament and with a sly smile answers the questions of reporters in the hot hours preceding tomorrow’s summit between Lega, Forza Italia and centrist allies.
Excluding excellent: Giorgia Meloni’s party.
However, the former mayor of Catania says he is confident and assures, on the sidelines of the plenary, that “the team will be found in Palermo”.

The historical face of the Sicilian right, strong in good neighborly relations with practically all the coalition forces, does not seem worried about the isolation of the Brothers of Italy.
Far from it.
He denies that a strategy aimed at segregation is in place.
“We are the first party, we are on the territory: the Palazzo games are another thing”, he explains.

And he turns the tables on the table with a joke: “Will Meloni not be there? Then it is the others who have isolated themselves considering that we are the first party ”.
And he praises the passionate candidate in pectore in quota FdI.
“Carolina Varchi is a smart candidate and she has what it takes: I am confident we will find a synthesis with the allies”, she assures her and remembers several times that she is a man of “coalition and center-right”.

In short, from the exponent of the Brothers of Italy a “let’s join together in cohort” starts.
The MEP avoids getting bogged down in purely regional events.
And he cuts the bull’s head: “I’m fine in Strasbourg: I ​​want to stay here for another ten years”.
But, net of everything, the island events pass through the European Parliament.
A quick overview of the Sicilian exponents stationed in the European Parliament is enough: the eligible candidates for the presidency of the Democratic Party, Caterina Chinnici and Pietro Bartolo, and the pentastellated outsider Dino Giarrusso who is waiting for the go-ahead from Giuseppe Conte to run to the gazebos.

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