Palermo-Spezia: Wide age difference in identity cards, Ligurians are the youngest team in the tournament.

The content discusses the importance of experience in Serie B, where the use of young players is unlimited. The article explores whether it is better to have experienced players or to rely on the energy and unpredictability of youth. The Palermo vs Spezia match on October 23rd is seen as a defining moment in this debate, with Palermo being an older team and Spezia being the youngest team in the league. Spezia, fresh from relegation, has an average age of 24.5 years, while Palermo has an average age of 27. The article concludes that there is no definitive answer as to whether youth or experience is better for winning championships.

Palermo-Spezia: c’è grande differenza nella carta d’identità, i liguri sono la squadra più giovane del torneo

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